Martha is 54 kilometers from Heraklion, on the foot of the south-western edge of the Koupa hill of the Dikti Mountain. The village falls under the Viannos municipality and consists of two settlements, Pera Martha or Mikri or Evagelismos and Pode Martha or Megali or Agios Ioannis Theologos.

According to the 2011 census, 180 people live in the settlement and their main occupation is agriculture.


The cathedral of Martha is dedicated to Agios Nektarios. The country churches of Agios Ioannis Tsikaloudis and Panagia are also in the settlement.


The village is not mentioned in the Venetian censuses.


The name of the settlement comes from the name of a nun who lived in the Evagelismos of Theotokos Monastery that existed then. According to another view, the name came from the name of a noblewoman and her house was near the monastery. Today, ruins of her house are preserved.