Rodia or Rogdia is a picturesque settlement, built amphitheatrically on the sides of Marmarokefala, 300 meters above the sea level. Rodia with the panoramic view to Heraclion and the Dia Island is about 16 kilometers in the north-west of Heraclion.

Administratively, the settlements of Agios Dimitrios, Kapetanaki Metochi, Linoperamata, Savathiana Monastery, Palaiokastro, Pantanassa and Plaitis are under the Rodia district. According to the 2011 census, 1.326 people live in the area and 797 only in Rodia. Their main occupations are agriculture and the restaurants of the area that the residents of Heraclion visit a lot.

The Venetian Mansion of Georgios and Fragiskos Modinos is in the beautiful settlement. It is a very good example of the architecture of the Venetian Era and was also declared a preserved monument.


The first reference of Rogdia was in 1356 in a document of the Ducal Record of Crete as “Kera Rodea”. The same name was used for the area until the end of the Venetian Era.


The churches of Sotiras and Panagia of Rogdia are in the village. The Monastery of the Birth of Theotokos of Savathiana and the Rogdia Monastery are also close to the settlement.