Cretan Products

The products of Crete vary from the Cretan olive oil to the amazing local cheese and from the exceptional garden produce to the clay objects. Raki, wine, honey, textiles and so many other things can be mentioned in the unique list of the Cretan products that help the maintenance of the tradition.

The people of the island are so busy that manage to create products of high quality. The fertile land and the sun help the people of the countryside and the production of fine agricultural products. The traditional techniques and inspiration give the people the opportunity to create beautiful things. Knowledge passed from generation to generation generates the process of the raw materials and the creation of special products.   

The aim of Original Crete is to promote all these quality products made by the residents of the island. 

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x.k: olive oil

x.k: olive oil

Επιλεγμένο με προσοχή, τηρώντας όλες τις προδιαγραφές για την διασφάλιση της ποιότητας του εξαιρετικού παρθένου Κρητικού Ελαιόλαδου, τυποποιείται και συσκευάζεται…

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