The picturesque Karavados village is about 50 kilometers in the south-east of Heraclion and under the Minoa Pediados Municipality.

300 people live in the village and their main occupations are olive crop and vine-growing.

The five water mills of the 19th and 20th century in the east of the village are worth visiting. Only three of the five are preserved in a good condition. The water mills are built along the Mparitis River, with their distance at about 500 meters, and they were used for cereals grinding. A part of an old stone is preserved near the river and it was used for watering.

There is also a fountain, built in 1905, in the village.


According to tradition, people moved in the village from the “Voulgara”, “Voulgaro” and “Voulgara” (as it was stated in the Venetian censuses) village in 1630.


The name of the village means the village of the “Karavadoi” men.


The cathedral is dedicated to Eisodia of Theotokos.