Afrati is a small traditional settlement of the Viannos municipality, 45 kilometers in the south-east of Heraklion. 175 people live in the beautiful village with the traditional houses, yards and alleys. Their main occupations are olive crop and vine-growing.


The ancient city of Arkadia or Arkades was on the Profitis Ilias hillock, near the village. The city was independent and had its own currency.

An ancient oenochoe from the orientalizing period was also found in Afrati.

The settlement is not mentioned in any Venetian census or in the 1671 Turkish census. Afrati is stated for the first time by the name “Frati” in the 1881 Turkish census.


There are many views on the origin of the name of the settlement. Firstly it is said that it comes from the word “frear” and the prefix “a-“ that means without water. It is also believed that the name comes from the goddess Aphrodite that was worshipped in the ancient Arkadia city. Finally it is thought that the place name has to do with the Latin word “frate” that means monk.