The coastal settlement of Maridaki is about 65 kilometers from Heraclion, behind the Asterousia Mountains.

The small village is built at the end of the imposing gorge of Achentrias.

Springs with drinking water are in Maridaki, it passes through the Asterousia Mountains and ends up in a brook that goes down to the beach.

When the weather is good, you can enjoy the amazing waterfall of Lichnistis at the end of the gorge.

Administratively the settlement belongs to Archanes- Asterousia Mountains and to Archanes local community. The route for going down to Maridaki starts from Achentrias between the imposing cliffs and rocks. The road is about 15 kilometers and a dirt one. Alternatively, Maridaki can be also reached through Mesochori. The turns can be avoided but the road is also dirt.

Maridaki is also connected with Agios Nikitas through the 2-kilometer dirt road.

The coastal settlement is about 3 kilometers in the west of Tsoutsouras but the two settlements are connected only by a beautiful path. In order to drive to Tsoutsouras, you should drive back to Achentrias and in the middle of the road there is a sign to Tsoutsouras.

You can also visit the palm forest of Agios Antonios about 3 kilometers from the settlement or the beautiful beaches of Nisakia that are in the bay after the end of the village.


The beach starts where the houses of the summer visitors end. The beach is pebbly and surrounded by large rocks, smaller bays and wonderful beaches with caves. The sea is a bit deep-sloped and cool, like the most of the beaches in Crete.


The name of the village comes from a name given to a nun by the villagers. Some years ago, there were only shepherds in the area and the church was dedicated to Panagia and Agios Mamas, the patron saint of shepherds. When Maria, the nun, moved in the village, changed the church and dedicated it to Agios Panteleimonas. The nun was so small that the locals called her Maridaki (i.e. a very small fish).


As the locals say, fairies are wandering in the large, central square of the settlement where the coffee houses and the beautiful large planes are.

Another traditional story describe that, if you are in the sea on a boat in the place where Tsoutsouras is seen, in the sunset, you will see the dome of the church of the lost city of queen Achentra under water.


The church of Agios Panteleimonas is in the settlement next to the springs with drinking water.

The monastery of Agios Nikitas is about 1 kilometer from Maridaki.

If you continue 300 meters, you will see the country church of Agios Antonios in a beautiful landscape, in a forest with palms and locust trees.