Beach of Agios Nikitas

Beach of Agios Nikitas

The beautiful and lonely beach of Agios Nikitas is behind the Asterousia mountains in the bosom of the southern Cretan sea.

In order to visit the beach, you should go through the monastery of Agios Nikitas in the south of Achentrias, in the Heraclion Prefecture and then climb down 200 stairs.

The imposing cliffs around the beach and the crystal water make the visitor feel peaceful and escape from his/her routine.

There is another pebbly beach in the east of the beach of Agios Nikitas. It is separated by a huge rock on which, according to the monks, the hoofs of the horse of Agios Nikitas lie.

You can also find some small beaches and visit them by driving along the dirt road of the area.

The beaches are not organized, so you should be prepared and have the necessary equipment.