Monastery of Agios Nikitas

Monastery of Agios Nikitas

The monastery of Agios Nikitas is about 65 kilometers in the south of Heraclion behind the the imposing Asterousia mountains.

Administratively, the monastery falls under the local community of Achentrias in Archanes- Asterousia Municipality.

In order to visit the Monastery, you have to drive 15 kilometers in the dirt road that connects Achentrias with it. The monastery is considered miraculous and has an unlimited view to the Libyan sea.

The church of Agios Nikitas is a cavernous temple built in the 17th century. Some frescos are preserved in the temple and holly water flows through the stalactites at the left side of the temple.

The monastery of Agios Nikitas was a hermitage of the monks from the Koudoumas monastery.

The palm forest of Agios Antonios is about 30 meters in the west of the monastery, next to the country church with the same name, while a wonderful beach is below it.