Gorge of Achentrias

Gorge of Achentrias

The beautiful gorge of Achentrias crosses the Asterousia mountains and reaches the Cretan sea.

The Achentrias gorge starts from the settlement of Achentrias and ends in the coastal settlement of Maridaki.

Going downhill takes about 3 or 4 hours. Those who dare it can admire one of the most typical wild landscapes of the southern Crete.

The length of the gorge is 6 kilometers and it is accessible especially in the summer when there isn’t any water. The rest of the year, water (from Asterousia) accumulated in the gorge, creating in its end the fabulous waterfall of Lichnistis. Its name came from the way the water falls on the ground, it “winnowed” then and it is like falling in the shape of a cloud. The waterfall is about 60 meters high.