Paths of Achentria

Paths of Achentria

In the Achentrias settlement, in the Archanes-Asterousia municipality of the prefecture of Heraclion, there are many hiking options.

You can either wander in the area and enjoy the typical landscape of the mountainous Crete or follow the beaten paths.

One of these is the ancient path which connects Achentrias with the Agios Nikitas monastery. Following the country road from the centre of Achentrias, you reach the area of Stiromana and, then, you follow the path which leads to the village of Agios Nikitas. After a few meters, you see the lake of Tourkos. As you continue the cobbled road, you reach the spring of Kefalovrisi and the palm forest of Agios Nikitas.

After wandering the imposing Asterousia mountains, you can also follow the path where the villages of Ethia and Mournia are. The path is almost parallel with the Ethia gorge and, for several meters, you walk at the edge of the gorge.

Climbing uphill from Achentrias, you reach the top of Analipsi, which is 920 meters above the sea level and where the church of Analipsis is. Going downhill, now, you reach the Ethia village and, then, Mournia village.

You can also go through the Achentrias gorge which starts near the village of Achentrias and ends in the coastal settlement of Maridaki.