Prinias is a village of a high archaeological importance in Crete and one of the most beautiful settlements of the prefecture of Heraclion.

It is 25 kilometers in the south-west of Heraclion and in the southern side of Malevizi district. It is also on the foot of Psiloritis, 610 meters above the sea level, and falls under the municipality of Gortyna. 328 people live in the settlement according to the 2011 census. Their main occupations are agriculture and livestock.

The magnificent area called Peridkokorifi is near the village. It is a top with the view of the whole prefecture of Heraclion. 150.000 trees are planted there and it can be described as a paradise on earth.

The valley of Prinias is also there. There are many rocks in many various shapes. The rocks are named by their shapes, for example the cheese of the old lady etc. The valley can be seen from the 25th kilometer of Heraclion- Agia Varvara road.

The ruins of the ancient city of Rizinia is on a hill near the settlement, while some carved winepresses are near the village.


The discovery of the ancient Rizinia shows the existence of civilization from the Sub-Minoan era.

The Prinias village is mentioned in all the Venetian, Turkish and Egyptian censuses.

From 1881, it is stated in the Malevizi county, in the municipality of Krousonas. In 1921, it is a community and a district of Agia Varvara.


The temple of Agios Georgios is in Prinias and is built on an older church in 1961. The churches of Agios Panteleimonas, Agios Antonios and Agia Eirini are also in the village.