The Vasiliki village is near the Asterousia Mountains, 260 meters above the sea level and 56 kilometers from Heraclion.

The Vasiliki community includes Vasiliki and Kandila. Kandila is 280 meters above the sea level. 236 people live in the whole district and 188 only in Vasiliki.

The Agios Savvas gorge is in the area, goes through the Agios Savvas forest with olive and locust trees and ends to Tripiti beach.


The village is referred as “Vasiglichi” with 406 residents in the census of Kastrofilakas. In 1583, the Kandila settlement is stated as “Candila et Camaria” with 166 residents. In 1834, in the Turkish census, it is mentioned with 5 Turkish and 5 Christian families, while in 1881, the Christians were 123 and the Turks were 45 in the area.


The Evagelismos (from 1876 and with a woodcut icon screen) and Agios Ioannis Prodromos churches are in the village.