Pompia is one of the most beautiful and important villages in the Festos municipality.

It is in an area full of olive groves and vineyards, next to the imposing mountains of Crete. Pompia is built on the foot of the Vigla Mountain in the Asterousia Mountains.

1038 people live in the village according to the 2011 census. The population is expected to be increased as in the 2001 census only 896 lived in the settlement.

The KE.PE.P. of Pompia works in the village a few years now. It is a care institution with a great contribution in the care section.

Football and Basketball fields and a small fencing gym are also in the settlement.

The Gymnasium of Pompia was built during the Turkish Occupation and is one of the two in the Heraclion prefecture that works until today.


The history of the area starts from the Minoan era. The ancient settlement was possibly called Voivi.

There were suggestions of changing the name of the village after the union of the Cretan State to Greece, but the name remained the same due to residents’ reactions.

Michail Korakas, the chieftain of the Cretan Revolution, was born in Pompia.


The name of the village came from the roman city of Pompeii that the Vesuvius volcano destroyed.


The patron saint of the village is Agios Georgios.


Carnival takes place in the village during the carnival days.