Kouses is a historical village of the former Kainourio district and of the Festos municipality.

The village is on the northern foot of the Pirgos hummock of the Asterousia Mountains, 130 meters above the sea level. The view of Mesara from the settlement is magnificent.

The settlement is 62 kilometers from Heraclion.

The Listaros settlement is also included in the Kouses local community. According to the 2011 census 120 people live in the village and their main occupation is agriculture.

The Kourmoulides Towers and the church of Agia Pelagia in a catacomb are worth visiting.


The village is stated for the first time in 1577 and, then, in 1583, with 76 residents, in Kastrofilakas.

During the Turkish occupation, the settlement was a fief of the famous Kourmoulis family who were Crypto- Christians. This family punished those who treated Christians badly. After the 1821 Revolution they fought with Christians.

According to tradition, there was also a Krifo Scholio in Kouses.


The churches of Agios Antonios, Agioi Pantes, Agios Georgios and Koimisis (i.e. Assumption) of Agia Anna are in Kouses and the Agia Pelagia temple in the catacomb of the Kourmoulides Tower.

The temple of Agios Ioannis is in Listaros settlement.


A feast takes place on the 25th of July for the celebration of Koimisis of Agia Anna.