Chrisostomo is a small coastal settlement, approximately 75 kilometers from Heraclion and 2 kilometers in the east of Kaloi Limenes.

According to findings, the ancient city of Lasaia was in the area. Lasaia was one of the largest ports of the ancient Gortyna.

There are rooms to let in the settlement, if visitors want to spend the night.


The Chrisostomo beach is pebbly and is not affected by strong winds, as it happens in all the beaches of the area. The Trafos Island is also very near.

The Maxa beach is pebbly and in the east, while Platia Peramata beach is farther in the east. There is only one tavern in Maxa, while a small settlement is built in Platia Peramata.


The history of the area is very long as the biggest port of Gortyna, Lasaia is said to have been in the area.


The settlement took its name from the church of Agios Ioannis of Chrisostomos, built in the late ancient Christianity era and is in the area.