Tsikoudia -the medicine

Tsikoudia -the medicine

The alcohol extracts were used in medicine and perfumery, in the ancient Greece.

The traditional Cretan tsikoudia is a very famous product of the vineyard as, apart from the Cretans, it has many admirers from all over the world.

The tsikoudia production starts in the grape harvest period. The clusters are divided from the grapes, they are squeezed with their juice in order their alcohol fermentation to take place. The extraction of tsikoudia in Crete starts in October after the alcohol fermentation of the remaining of the grapes (after their squeezing) with the must.

The elements of the quality of tsikoudia are very simple and particular: cleanness and passion. The grape should be clean and not rotten. Cleanness should accompany the procedure from the process of the remaining of the grapes (after their squeezing) to its production. The extraction should be done when they are still fresh, in low temperature in order the smells not to be lost and in a very clean caldron. We divide the first liters depending on the size of the caldron and cut the extraction when tsikoudia that is taken off the bowl is at about 15 to 14 grades as the remainings have sulphur. There is also the possibility of the double or the triple extraction that it is filtered completely but the quantity is reduced and the cost of the production is increased a lot.