Honey, the liquid medicine of our diet

Honey, the liquid medicine of our diet

The Cretan honey was famous in all over the world from the ancient times due to its taste and its thyme (honey with thyme). Beekeeping in Crete has been popular for 4000 years now.

There are 2.000 plant species in Crete and 160 of them are indigenous. There are also 2.200 producers that keep 200.000 swarms of bees and produce over 2.500 tones of honey every year. The main quantities of the Cretan honey are with thyme, pine and other herbs that make it delicious, sweet-smelling and nourishing. Small quantities of liquid and light-colored honey from orange and sage flowers are also produced. The honey of Erica (wild thyme) is also exceptional and falls under the flower category but it is dark-colored and slightly bitter (very strange for honey).

The virtues of honey are exceptional. Honey plays an important role in the metabolism and the diet. It helps the heart, the liver and the acidity of the stomach. It is tonic, helps for the faster rehabilitation and has antiseptic and anti-microbe virtues. It does not go bad or deteriorate.

Pure honey has not been under any heating process and is natural to be crystallized after some months (it is not deteriorated). In order to return to its prior condition, you have to put the package in a Bain-Marie, in 40 degrees Celsius, for a few minutes but not longer as the ingredients may be destroyed.

Honey includes glucose and fructose that are absorbed by our organism right away. That is why honey is a fast energy source for athletes, pregnant women, children, sick people and any exhausted organism. It also helps in the faster alcohol metabolism and so you can get sober very quickly.