Olive Oil, the present of nature to people

Olive Oil, the present of nature to people

The olive production was recorded for the first time in the Minoan Crete, 3500 years ago. Findings like clay pots with olive oil and urns with edible olives in Zakros prove the records of Anagnostopoulos (1951).

Why olive oil?

Because olive oil is rich in antioxidants, vitamin E and monounsaturated fat that reduce the bad cholesterol. It is a secret of the Cretans and an ingredient for a more delicious and quality food.

Which olive oil to choose and how?

According to its way of production, olive oil is divided into the standard, the fully processed, the biological and the bio-dynamic olive oil.

It can also be divided according to its quality, on how we want to use it.

a. Green olive oil, with expiring date 9 months (the most) after its production, is the first olive oil of the year and its fruit is still unripe. It is very low in oxides, under 0.4. It is the richest in antioxidants, very green, with a wildly fresh taste and bitter due to the chlorophyll content of the fruit. It is consumed only uncooked with fresh salad or accompanying white cheese, bread and vegetables.

b. Fine virgin olive oil is in the most natural olive oil category. It is golden-green and thin with exceptional smells of the fresh-cut olive fruit and its acidity is not higher than 0.8 oxidants. It accompanies fresh salads and gives a special taste to the food, especially if we add it in the end as the phenols are evaporated in the high temperature.

c. Virgin Olive Oil is a natural olive oil with mature characteristics, a heavy texture, a strong taste and smell. Its acidity is from 0.8 to 2 oxidants.

d. Refined Olive oil. It is a mixture of refined olive oils and virgin olive oil with acidity 1 to 2 oxidants.

e. Olive-pomace olive oil. It is a refined olive oil that comes from the pit of the olive and virgin olive oil. It is used more in frying and, generally, high cooking temperature as it is not burned or oxidized.

f. Aromatic Olive oils. They come from selected olive oils without any particular smell and taste combined with spices, sweet-smelling plants and herbs. They are used effectively in all the cuisines of the world and give a pleasant taste to fresh salads, marinades and various snacks.