Opposite the Talay Mountains, where the mythical giant Talos was born and became the protector of the island of Crete, just 40km from the city of Rethymno, we meet Garazo. It is a settlement that combines the present with the past and the wildlife of the place with the flower-coloured courtyards of the inhabitants.

Garazo is divided into two districts, the modern district and the other one that makes you feel like you have just travelled back in time, in the Venetian era and the Ottoman domination. In this district, there are the Turkish prisons and the old aqueduct, dating back to 1915.

Another place of the village is worthy to visit a church that is devoted to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and Saint Charalampos. It is a temple copy of the monastery of Arkadi. To the west of the monastery is the Ustic Ceramics Museum, while in the village there is the Folklore Museum, which is housed in the old town hall and the museum about olives & olive oil, which is located in a restored olive press.

Garazo is at an altitude of 270m. and there are 305 residents there.


Garazo, as Barocci mention, the first time it appears in formal documents was 1577, and since then it has been shown in other Venetian and Turkish censuses.


In mid-August, the "Pancretan citrus feast".