Achlada is a village of the Malevizi municipality, 23 kilometers in the north-west of Heraclion.

Administratively, the coastal settlements of Agia Pelagia, Ammoudi, Ligaria, Mononaftis, Mades and Ksirokampos are under the Achlada district. Over 1000 people live in the area, 120 only in Achlada and their main occupation is the garden produce.

The ruins of the desolated settlement of Kantinos are in the north-west of the village.


Achlada is stated in the Venetian censuses and was a fief of the brothers, Georgios and Fragiskos Modinos.


The name of the village is a plant name and comes from the word “achlada” or “achladia” (i.e. wild pear-tree, in Greek).


The Agios Ioannis and Agios Trifonas church (with two aisles) is in Achlada.