Tefeli is about 12 kilometers from Pirgos and, administratively, it comes under the Archanes- Asterousia municipality.

Aposelemi and Pirathi fall under the local community of Tefeli. Aposelemi is in the east of Tefeli and is an old settlement. In the area, there is also a river named after the Aposelemi settlement. Pirathi is 3,5 kilometers in the east of Tefeli where the ancient city of Piranthos was.

According to 2011 census, 668 residents live in the whole district. In Tefeli 550, in Aposelemi 22 and, in Pirathi, 96 residents. They are mainly occupied by agriculture and livestock.

The small forest of Tefeli and the spring of Agia Paraskevi are worth visiting.


Tefeli was a fief of Veneris family and the first reference of the village is in a document of the Ducal Records of Chandax in 1363.

In 1881, Tefeli was the seat of the municipality by the same name with 227 Turks and 4 Christians.

Aposelemi is also mentioned in all the Venetian inscriptions.

In the end, in ancient times, Pirathi is where the town of Piranthos was. Later on, the first report of the settlement was in a document of the Ducal Records of Mpelvedere of Kastro in 1380. In 1577, it is referred to the Mpelvedere province,in 1577 by Mparotsi , by Kastrofilakas in 1583 and by Vasilikata in 1630. In 1881, Pirathi was mentioned in the Tefeli municipality, in 1990 in the Arkalochori municipality and, from 1920 and on, to Tefeli.


The origin of the name of Tefeli is unknown.

Pirathi was named after the ancient town of Piranthos and the place name of Aposelemi settlement is probably Arabic.


The patron saint of Tefeli is Agios Ioannis (St John) , while in Pirathi there is the church of Agioi Anargiroi.