Palaiokastro or Paliokastro of the Malevizi municipality is a very interesting area, about 8 kilometers from Heraclion that combines the beach with the history and the nature.

The Venetian fortress of Palaiokastro, that is said to have been built on the acropolis of the ancient city of Kitaion, the Palaiokastro gorge, where the Kera Spiliotissa church is, and the Venetian lime-kiln are in the coastal settlement. The lime- kiln is in the eastern side of the beach and is restored.

Many taverns and cafeterias are in the settlement.

According to the 2011 census, 255 people live in the settlement.


The beach of Palaiokastro is in front of the settlement, in the exit of a very green valley. The seabed has rocks and is deep while the beach is pebbly.

Palaiokastro is the favorite destination of families and ideal for those who want to bathe in a place without beach bars. Another advantage of the beach is its place as it is protected by the northern winds.

The ruins of the Venetian fortress are in the eastern side of the beach.


The Venetian fortress of Palaiokastro was in the eastern side of the Palaiokastro beach, on a high rock next to the sea and on the 15th kilometer of the Heraclion- Chania national road.

It was built with three levels and its entrance was in its south side. Part of its gate was carved on the rock. The winged lion of Saint Marcus is in the north-east side of the fortress.

The place where the gun powder was kept and a tank that gathered the rainwater were in the first level. The barracks were in the second level and the church of the fortress was in the third one.

A part of the walls of the fortress is only preserved.

Its building began in 1573 in order to protect the bay of Heraclion and Ammoudara together with the Koules fortress. The fortress is said to have been built on the ruins of the acropolis of the ancient city of Kitaion.


The history of the area starts from the Neolithic Era as potsherds and animal bones were found in two caves in the Palaiokastro gorge. These caves are not explored.

The acropolis of the ancient Kitaion city was probably in the place where the Palaiokastro fortress was.


The cavernous church of Kera Spiliotissa is in the Palaiokastro gorge. It is dedicated to Zoodochos Pigi and there is a desolated cell next to it.