Nida plateau

Nida plateau

Nida is the highest plateau in Crete as it is about 1.450 meters above the sea level and surrounded by the imposing mountains of Psiloreitis.

It is a very beautiful place even if it is not so green (except from the growing of the indigenous wild plant,”nevrida” or “chrisochorto”, i.e. golden plant, as the locals called it). It is said that the plateau had a rich flora but the livestock and wood cutting destroyed the forest of Nida.

The name of Nida came from the expression “stin Idi” that means to Psiloreitis.

The plateau is square and the mountains around it have snow till the beginning of the summer creating a wonderful landscape.

There are various myths about the Nida plateau. Idaion Antron, where Zeus was raised, is in Nida. It is also said that Demeter fell in love with Iasionas in that plateau. Nida is also historical as it was a center of the Greek Resistance during the German Occupation.

Today there are many “mitata” in Nida that are small stone buildings used by the shepherds as a seasonal residence and a shelter of their production. The interesting part is that the temperature in them keeps steady.

There are many choices on how to reach and visit the plateau. The most usual and easiest road is through a dirt road that starts from the Anogeia settlement. There is also a dirt road that connects Gergeri with the Nida plateau. If you love hiking, you can visit Nida through the E4 European path that connects Zaros with the Rouvas forest and ends to Nida or go through the Vorizano gorge.