The small village of Magarikari is on the western foot of Psiloreitis.

Magarikari is built 450 meters above the sea level and, from there, you can admire the Kato Mesara plain, the Mesara bay and the Asterousia Mountains.

The Magarikari local community is consisted of two more settlements, that of Kalochorafitis and that of Kissoi. Kalochorafitis is in the 67th kilometer in the road to Magarikari, 380 meters above the sea level.

291 people live in Magarikari, according to the 2011 census. The majority of those people are occupied by agriculture.


Magarikari is stated to the 1583 census with 140 residents.

The village was partly destroyed by Turks, as they burnt hundreds of houses and desecrated the church of the settlement. During the German Occupation, the village was destroyed completely. Then, 47 residents were captured as hostages but they (with some Israelites) were drowned as the ship, that was taking them to Piraeus, was torpedoed.

The famous guerilla, Petrakogiorgis, was born in Magarikari.


The churches of Michail Archagelos, Timios Stavros, Panagia Kera and Agios Nektarios are in Magarikari.

The cathedral of Kalochorafitis is dedicated to the Evagelismos of Theotokos (i.e. the Annunciation of Virgin Mary), while Agia Aikaterini is in Kissoi.