Kamares cavern

Kamares cavern

The path from the Kamares settlement ends to the large and impressive Kamares cavern.

The visitor walks between a dense forest of oaks. The total time to the end of the route is about 3-4 hours. There are springs with drinking water along the path.

The cave is beneath the Mavri top, 1780 meters above the sea level. The view from there reaches the southern side of Europe, Gavdos.

Minoan pots were found in the Kamares cave from 1700 B.C. and they are kept in the Archaeological Museum of Heraclion. The pots were used by the residents of Festos for libations to a Minoan deity. The findings of the cave are similar to the findings of the Eilithiia cave in Amnissos and this proves that the same deity was worshipped in both places. The cavern was found in 1890 and was researched by Italian archaeologists and then by the British Archaeological School, in 1913.

If you continue climbing up, you reach the Nida plateau.