Kalesia are two settlements, Kato and Ano Kalesia and the distance between them is 300 meters. Ano Kalesia is built 170 meters above the sea level and 300 people live in the settlement. 600 people live in Kato Kalesia and their main occupation is agriculture.

Administratively, the two settlements are under the Malevizi municipality and in the south-west of Heraclion. There are many stone houses in the settlements and many caves in the wide area.


Ano Kalesia and Kato Kalesia were mentioned in the census of Kastrofilakas, in 1583.

The villages were destroyed by the 1856 earthquake.

In 1915, a Mycaenic grave was found in an excavation in the area.


The old church of Evagelismos of Theotokos and that of Apostolos Petros and Pavlos are in Kato Kalesia.

A church dedicated to Agios Georgios is in Ano Kalesia.