A delicious sweet snack is the wonderful, tasteful and fasted loukoumia!


1 cup of olive oil

1 cup of orange juice

1 cup of sugar

1 glass of water

1 stick of cinnamon and 5-6 cloves

1 teaspoon of cinnamon in powder

½ teaspoon of clove in powder

Slices of an orange

3 small bags of yeast

About 2 kilos of flour

For the syrup:

2 glasses of water

3 cups of sugar

3 teaspoons of honey

1. Boil the water with the cinnamon and the cloves in it.

2. Remove it from heat, leave to rest and get so cold that you can put your hand into and do not get burned.

3. Add that water into a bowl and, then, stir it with the yeast till it is dissolved.

4. Add the orange juice, the olive oil, the sugar, the slices of the orange, the cinnamon and the clove and stir it till the sugar is melt.

5. Add slowly the flour and knead it till the dough does not stick to your hands and is soft.

6. Cover the bowl with a towel, leave it to rise and, then, stick your finger to see if it is ready. If your stamp stays in, it is ready.

7. Knead long and narrow pieces and cut them with a knife.

8. Add olive oil in a fryer and add loukoumia in it. They are ready when they get a gold and red color.

9. Remove them and put them on a large dish with paper to absorb the olive oil.

10. Add the water, the sugar and the honey into a pot and boil it in order the syrup to be made.

10. When the syrup is ready, leave it somewhere to get cold and, then, put loukoumia into it. Stir them in order to be covered in every side and, then, remove them.

11. Add some sesame if you want.


If yeast makes the recipe difficult for you, remove it and, instead of the flour, add farina. You won’t have to wait the dough to rise if you use farina.

If you are an experienced cooker and have leaven, you can use it instead of yeast.