It can be said that agnopites (i.e. little pies with cheese) are the loukoumades (i.e. sweets like crullers) of Crete. They are very delicious and should definitely have a place on your table.

Ιngredients for the dough:

1 glass of water

1 glass of milk

⅓ of a cup of olive oil

1 bag of yeast

1 dash of salt

1 dash of sugar

About 1 kilo of flour

Ingredients for the stuffing:

1 kilo of ksinomizithra


Olive oil for frying

Honey for the serving

Warm the water (it doesn’t have to be too hot), put it in a bowl and add the yeast into it. Mix till the yeast is dissolved.

Add the rest of the dough’s ingredients (the dough should be a bit thicker than the dough for loukoumades).

Leave the dough to rise.

Take a small part of the dough (in the size of a tangerine), press it with your fingers in order a small pit to be made and add about one teaspoon of ksinomizithra.

Grab the endings of the dough (from the one side) and stick them with the ones of the other side in order to enclose ksinomizithra.

Fry them in olive oil till they become golden. For extra flavour, put honey on them when they are ready.


You can add feta or any other white cheese instead of ksinomizithra.