Dionisi is a small, picturesque village of the Gortyna municipality and 57 kilometers from Heraclion.

The settlement is built on the northern foot of Asterousia Mountains, 250 meters above the sea level.

The Dionisi local community also includes Panagia village. Panagia is also known as Petropanagia, because of the small settlement of Petria in the west. Panagia is built 295 meters above the sea level.

360 people live in the whole community and 221 only in Panagia.

Their main occupations are agriculture and livestock.


In 1583, Dionisi and Panagia are mentioned in Kastrofilakas. During the Turkish Occupation only Turks lived in the village.

Many earthen statuettes and zodiac signs from the Middle Minoan era were found in Patela of Panagia. They possibly came from a sanctuary top. A Greek statuette of a seated goddess and many Roman coins were also found.


Both villages were named after the churches in the settlements.


Agios Dionisios, Evagelismos and Konstantinos and Eleni churches are in Dionisi. The country churches of Agios Georgios and Zoodochos Pigi are also in the area. The Zoodochos Pigi temple is in Mesokampa, in a very green area and is celebrated on the first Friday after Easter.
A temple dedicated to Virgin Mary is in Panagia. The country churches are worth visiting and built in magnificent natural landscapes. Almost all the churches are celebrated with traditional feasts by the residents.


A great feast is taken place in Dionisi during the Agios Dionisios celebration, on the 3rd of October. People from the other villages of the area go to Dionisi and then door to door in order to be offered wine or raki and traditional food.