Lappa ancient

Lappa ancient

The Lappa ancient city was one of the most important cities in Crete that, according to the Mycenaean traditions, was founded by Agamemnonas. Lappa was in the place where Argiroupoli is today, about 25 kilometers from Rethimno.

According to historical facts, it became an ally with Littos and the other cities against Knossos in the 2nd century.

The city was probably destroyed by the Romans and rebuilt by Octavrianus as its residents were with him during his conflict with Marcus Antonius. Octavrianus also gave them the right to cut their own coins.

Lappa was destroyed due to the Arabs’ conquest of Crete. In the Second Byzantine Era, it was a fief of the Xortatsis family that rebelled against the Venetians and, then, went under Aleksios Kallergis.

Its name changed in the Mediaeval and it was called “Stimpolis” that came from the expression “stin poli” (i.e. to the city). After that, during the Turkish Occupation, it had been named “Gaidouropoli” or “Samaropoli” until 1822 when it was named “Argiroupoli”.

The archaeological findings in the area were from the Post Geometric Era and show the long history of the place.

Parts of the ancient civilization can be seen today in the houses of the residents and the Venetian elements can be observed in the Venetian mansions of the area that are preserved.