Chochlioi with fennel and potatoes

Chochlioi with fennel and potatoes


1 kilo of chochlioi (i.e. snails)

1 kilo of potatoes

½ kilo of fennel

2 onions

3 grinded tomatoes

1 tablespoon of tomato paste



Olive oil


1. Boil the snails in order to clear them.

2. Put the olive oil and the cleared snails in a casserole, salt them and leave it on heat for about 5 minutes in order to get browned.

3. Remove the snails from the casserole, put the chopped onions in the same olive oil with some water and get them browned.

4. Add the chopped and cleaned fennel and some water and leave them to be almost cooked.

5. Add the chopped potatoes and, then, wait to be cooked.

6. At the end, put the tomatoes, the tomato paste, the salt and the pepper and boil them till the water is absorbed.