Chickpeas with ksinochondros

Chickpeas with ksinochondros

If you love ksinochondros (i.e. the grinded wheat with sour milk), you can definitely taste one of the most delicious dishes with legumes, the chickpeas with ksinochondros. The recipe is simple and the taste is extraordinaire.

For 4 servings, use:

½ kilo kilos chickpeas

1 cup of ksinochondros


Olive Oil

Lemon juice (optionally)

1. Put the chickpeas in a bowl with water the previous night in order to be soaked.

2. Strain them the next day and boil them in a casserole with water.

3. When the chickpeas are ready, add ksinochodros and boil for 2-3 minutes.

4. When ksinochondros is ready, add some salt and turn off the heat.


Add salt in the end as ksinochondros is already salty. Prefer to add salt to legumes when they are already cooked.

Prefer the uncooked olive oil for your food. Add it and, then, remove the casserole from the heat.

Ksinochondros adds a sour taste in the food but you can optionally add more lemon juice.