Nekroi gorge

Nekroi gorge

The gorge of Nekroi in Zakros is a very beautiful and important archaeologically gorge.

Its name (“nekroi” means the dead, in Greek) came from the large number of the graves found in the caves along the gorge. They are from the Minoan Era and their findings are kept in the Archaeological Museum of Siteia.

The gorge starts from the Pano Zakros and ends to the Kato Zakros settlement. The path is easy especially in the summer but, in the winter, a river is created in the gorge that makes the passing difficult. The path of the gorge is the last part of the E4 European Path.

It has two entrances near the Zakros settlement. The shortest is the one 4 kilometers after Ano Zakros, in the central road to Kato Zakros. A parking is also near it.

After 2 hours walking, you will be near the Minoan Palace of Zakros and the beautiful beach of Kato Zakros.