Sweet mantinades: The most sweet custom

Sweet mantinades: The most sweet custom

A tender and… sweet custom is kept till today in the area of Apostoloi Pediados. That is the sweet mantinades (i.e. Cretan folk couplets) custom that they are lyrics on a small piece of paper rolled in a delicious piece of candy.

The candy custom has been passed down from generation to generation and is kept till today in that area. The people of Apostoloi sold the sweet mantinades in the feasts of the village to the young men and they gave them to their loved ones as a proof of their love. Every mantinada hid its own message.

Today, the sweet mantinades are given as a treat to the people that come to the feast.


A few days before the feast the women of the village gathered and prepared their own candy paste that included 1 glass of tepid water, 1 teaspoon of gelatine and ½ kilo of powdered sugar. After having mixed all the ingredients and having made a dough, they took some of the dough and made a strip that they cut into small pieces of about 1, 5-2 centimeters. After that, they rolled the small pieces of paper with the mantinades on them (in the past the men of the village gave them the mantinades) and closed it with a piece of the candy.

When does the feast take place?

The feast of Apostoloi takes place every year on the celebration day of the Saint Apostles, on the 29th of June.