Cave of Agios Antonios

Cave of Agios Antonios

The cave of Agios Antonios is in a lonely area at about the middle of the path that connects the settlement of Agios Ioannis with the monastery of Koudoumas. If you start from the Koudoumas monastery, you can reach Agios Ioannis after about 40 minutes walking through a beautiful forest of pine and locust trees.

It is a cavern with stalagmites and stalactites from which holly water flows and is gathered in three pools.

A small church dedicated to Agios Antonios is in the cavern. In the past, the cave was a hermitage of many monks.

One of the most magnificent and lonely beaches is a few meters in the south. The largest beach is called Agios Antonios due to the cavern. Two smaller, but also very beautiful, beaches are in the west, Mikro and Megalo Agadiko. All the beaches are sandy and the sea is deep.