Cretan Ethnology Museum

Cretan Ethnology Museum

The Cretan Ethnology Museum was found in 1982 in Voroi.

It is a very important exhibit, research and conference constitution that aims to the substantial outlining of the physiognomy and the routine of the Cretan traditional society.

There are 7 ethnological sections in the exhibit, they have to do with the evolutionary track of the human activities and include diet, architecture, weaving, production and commerce, transfer- transport - communication, manners and customs and social organization.

Various metallic objects, furniture, textiles, ceramics and other objects that have to do with the routine of Cretans are among the exhibits. The Museum was awarded as the Best European Museum of the year of 1992.

Many other activities, as research and conferences, are held in the rest of the 2.800 square meters of the building. There is also a library, work room of sound, photography and maintenance, scientist work rooms, records and storerooms are also in the building.

See Voroi.