Gorge of Sarakina

Gorge of Sarakina

The gorge of Sarakina or Sarantapichos starts from the Mithoi settlement of Ierapetra and ends to the coastal Mirtos settlement. Its entrance is about 16 kilometers from Ierapetra.

The Sarakina gorge is a small, beautiful and very green gorge. Water flows in it during the whole year.

It is accessible and its passing lasts about 1.5 hours. It is 1.5 kilometers long, 3 to 10 meters wide and 150 meters high.

According to the myth, as the giant Sarantapichos, the son of Zeus, was passing by the area, he got thirsty and kneeled to drink water. His big beard cut the mountain into two and the Sarakina or Sarantapichos gorge was created.