8 reasons to go to Crete for Christmas

8 reasons to go to Crete for Christmas

Crete has been popular for summer holidays but that is not only the case. Crete is also a winter destination just as any other in the world.

Crete, the island of tradition, hospitality and natural beauty, can be a Christmas destination for many reasons.

Why should I go to Crete for Christmas?

1. Crete has not only beautiful seas but also imposing mountains. Traditional mountainous settlements with original people are willing to welcome you warmly.

2. You definitely have to taste the Christmas dishes as apaki, tsiladia and many others that will be on the Cretan tables during Christmas.

3. The people of the island will make you feel like spending Christmas with your family! Hospitality is a characteristic of every Cretan!

4. A visit in a Cretan plateau will definitely be a wonderful experience!

5. Go up to the mountains and have a…snow fight! In Crete it is sunny nearly the whole year but you are going to see snow on the highest mountains of the island.

6. If you prefer the sea even in the winter, Crete is again your destination! The temperature in the island rarely drops very low and even in the southern island the temperature is 3-4 degrees higher than the rest of the island. So, if you are brave enough, bring your swimsuit too!

7. Don’t forget to visit the cities of the island and enjoy their Christmas decoration.

8. If you are in Heraclion on the New Year’s Day, don’t be confused! Mpougatsa is typical on that day!

There are so many reasons to visit Crete. Find yours and visit it!