From the palace of Minoas to the cool gorge

From the palace of Minoas to the cool gorge

  • Route distance: 14 km
  • Car type: 2x4
  • Road type:
  • Stay: Yes
  • Food: Yes
  • Coffee: Yes
  • Sea: No
  • Mountains: Yes
  • Historical interest: Yes
Route Details

Many people know its existence, its history and have visited it. It is Knossos, the house of Minoas. It is known to everyone living in Crete or visiting it. Have you been there? Visiting the Knossos Palace takes about two hours. After that, you can stop to the small wood of Agia Eirini in order to get cool by the Northern wind. It is also ideal if you want your children to have fun as there is also a playground in the area.

After that, you can visit the Kounavous village that is on the hill in the east of the road that goes through the village. There are beautiful tiled streets with bougainvilleas and two canons of the Greek Army in the upper square of the village, and it is ideal for a coffee or raki.

Starting from Kounavous and heading to the south you reach the Peza valley, the area of the vineyards of the wine factories and the wine.

You continue straight ahead and pass by the facilities of Enosi Pezon that you can visit.

Then you continue to Agies Paraskies. You turn to Meleses in the entrance of the settlement and, heading straight away, you pass through the settlement, and you end up to Alagni. You can have a stop in the square of the village under the plane tree and, then, continue to Astritsi.

A small paradise is hidden beneath the village. Kato Vrisi is a cool place with a small cistern and ideal for relaxing and peacefulness.

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