Hugging Psiloreitis

Hugging Psiloreitis

  • Route distance: 6 km
  • Car type: 2x4
  • Road type:
  • Stay: Yes
  • Food: Yes
  • Coffee: Yes
  • Sea: No
  • Mountains: Yes
  • Historical interest: Yes
Route Details

Searching for water, the source of life, we follow the route that connects Psiloreitis with the green valley of Mesara. We start from Gergeri and, especially, from the man-made dam that is connected with the natural lake, i.e. to mnima tou Digeni (the grave of Digenis). It is an important and very beautiful water land with the picturesque Gergeri village as its background.

The mountainous settlement with the many and beautiful squares is next. The Open Olive Museum is worth visiting.

Nivritos is also another picturesque village on our way. There are tiled streets, yards full of flowers and the Agios Methodios church next to which is the cavern where the saint was a hermit.

After that it is Zaros, a village that combines tradition with touristic development. Taverns, rooms to let, coffeehouses are combined with the local culture. The traditional watermill of the area is on the road to the Zaros Lake.

The Zaros Lake is after the watermill. The area is very green, you can walk around it and, then, enjoy a coffee or food there.

Our last stop is the beautiful Vrontisi Monastery with the marble fountain in its entrance with Adam and Eva represented on it.

The road is asphalted but there are some narrow turns and places on it.

The route is recommended to be followed in the spring when ​the nature gives away all of its colours and smells.