Destination to the Lion of Cleopatra

Destination to the Lion of Cleopatra

  • Route distance: 9 km
  • Car type: 2x4
  • Road type: Mixed Road
  • Stay: Yes
  • Food: Yes
  • Coffee: Yes
  • Sea: Yes
  • Mountains: No
  • Historical interest: Yes
Route Details

From the picturesque village of Vassiliki we are heading to the gorge of Agios Savas, the first station on the beach of Tripiti. Near Tripiti the gorge narrows dramatically and it is hiding the sky. It is not hard to see because it is part of the road that connects Vassiliki with Tripiti.

Swim in Tripiti and then head west from the dirt road on the west that is almost next to the coast. Throughout the duration of the journey will have on your left side the sea, while you have the opportunity to find small and interesting gulfs.

After a few kilometers you will meet Trafoulas and continuing you arrive to Lenta. In Lenta you can find taverns, cafes and apartments.

The road a few kilometers after Vassiliki becomes dirt road.

We suggest the route during late spring, summer and early ​autumn .

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