From the Palaces and historical places to the dew of the Cretan Sea

From the Palaces and historical places to the dew of the Cretan Sea

  • Route distance: 20 km
  • Car type: 2x4
  • Road type:
  • Stay: Yes
  • Food: Yes
  • Coffee: Yes
  • Sea: Yes
  • Mountains: No
  • Historical interest: Yes
Route Details

From ancient Gortyna to the picturesque village of Sivas, from Sivas to the historic and beautiful monastery Odigitrias and from the monastery Odigitrias to the seaside village Kaloi Limenes.

A fast track that combines archaeological sites, traditional villages, historical and religious sites and serene vastness of the Cretan Sea. We recommend visiting the capital of Crete during the Roman period, ancient Gortyna.

Then you can go through the beautiful traditional village of Sivas were you can find, traditional cafes and taverns local delicacies. On the way, we meet the lovely monastery Odigitrias combining religion with historical tradition, and beyond the church and the cells, the area is the tower of Xopatera and a small museum of folk art.

Arriving at the coastal village Kaloi Limenes you can swim in the cool waters of the southern Cretan Sea, dine and have a coffee or a drink with a sunset view of the Cretan sea.

The road to the monastery of Odigitria is good, after the monastery to Kaloi Limenes is a dirt road.

The route is suggested for the summer months.

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