The beautiful and traditional buildings and the two flour-mills in Kazola are worth visiting in Pirgou.

Pirgou is 20 kilometers from Heraclion where, administratively, is under. The village is in a hillside, 400 meters above the sea level.

A cavern is in Mertzani and a country church in Chrisopigi, in the south-west of the settlement where, according to the tradition, the Chrisopigi monastery was.


The village is mentioned in Kastrofilakas as “Pirgu” with 401 residents. During the Venetian Occupation, wine from the Muscat family of grapes was produced in the village. The area is also called “Moschato” (i.e. Muscat, in Greek).


The Agios Ioannis church is in Pirgou with the Franciscan coat of arms of 1601. The Panagia church is also in the area. The Turks had set it on fire in 1866 but, later, it was renovated.

The church of Agios Georgios Mesampelitis is also in the village, in Skepasta. Old wineries, pots and earthen conductors, through which the wine was transferred to storehouses in the south-west of the settlement, are in its yard.


A feast takes place in the village on the 15th of August.