Psari Forada

Psari Forada

The Psari Forada village is 90 kilometers from Heraclion and its natural extension is the Sidonia settlement. The rich valley that is divided in two parts with hills is a beautiful feature of the area. The one part is called the plain of Psari Forada and the other one the plain of Faflagos. A torrent goes through the plain of Psari Forada in the winter, while the Mplavaris River goes through Faflagos that has water until the end of the spring.

The area is famous for its beautiful and not windy beaches that are sandy and have many tamarisks. Administratively Psari Forada is under the Kalami district of the Viannos municipality.


The Agios Panteleimonas and the Panagia Keralimeniotissa churches are in Psari Forada.


The first residents of the settlement were from the Kalami village and abandoned their village to move in Psari Forada in order to be close to their crop.


There are many myths that are related to the origin of the place name of Psari Forada. According to the first one, an agha hanged his favorite grey horse in order to show his power. The other myth describes that he left it to die without giving it any food or water.

The place name Sidonia comes from the ancient Sidonia city.