“… on the lap of the mountain and hidden from the sun is the large village of Petrokefalo” wrote N. Kazantzakis, in his book, “Kapetan Michalis”.

Petrokefalo is 16 kilometers from Heraclion, in the former Malevizi district. The settlement is on a hill, 340 meters above the sea level.

The village’s plan has a fortification style while a carved grave with an urn in a bath style, a sarcophagus and tomb earthenware jars were recently found in the area.

130 people live in the village and their main occupations are the oil production and the vine-growing.


The village is mentioned in Kastrofilakas as “Petrochiefalo” with 114 residents.


There are various versions of the origin of the place name of the settlement.

According to the first one, the place name comes from the shape of the hill in the village that reminds a human head. According to the second one, the village took its name from the name of someone called Petros that was the owner of the hill and the first resident of the area.


The patron saint of the village is Panagia.


The village is celebrated on the 8th of September, the day of the celebration of Panagia.