A heaven on earth, Mpalos, is between the Gramvousa peninsula and the Tigani Cape, in the north-western side of Crete.

Mpalos is about 56 kilometers from Chania and 17 kilometers from Kissamos. In order to visit it, you should take a small boat from Kissamos to Mpalos, or drive on a very dirt road that starts from Kaliviani, goes along the cape and ends near a path. After walking about 1 kilometer, you reach Mpalos.

You will be in an area with a large sea lake with swallow water, white and pink sand and sea water in all the shades of blue. The blue-green and turquoise water and the morphology make the visitor to think that s/he is in heaven.

The whole area has been under the Natura protected areas. Rare flora and fauna species are hosted in that magical place. Falcons, sea ravens and cormorants nest in the area and the Caretta Caretta turtles hatch their eggs in the warm sand of the exotic beach.


Imeri (i.e. tame, in Greek) and Agria (i.e. wild) Gramvousa is opposite of Mpalos. Agria Gramvousa is in the northern side of the cape. The access is difficult due to its natural fortification (the high rocks).

Iremi Gramvousa can be accessed from its southern side where there is only one small port that the small boats from Kissamos to Mpalos moor. There is a wonderful beach next to the port and the shipwreck of Gramvousa is in the north. The stairs to the Gramvousa’s fortress start from the beach, near the small Agioi Apostoloi church.