Lakes of Gergeri

Lakes of Gergeri

The two lakes of the area are about 1 kilometer from Gergeri on a hill with a wonderful view. The one is a man-made water reservoir lake and the other a small, natural lake, which is filled seasonally and is called “stou Digeni to Mnima” (i.e. in Digenis’s grave).

The water reservoir lake is supplied from the springs of Gergeri and was built to water the area. The water is gathered there and is channeled to the fields of the Mesara district. It can contain 244.077 cubic meters of water and its size is 41 acres. The water reservoir lake is connected with the natural lake in order to channel the water to the natural lake during an overflow situation.

63 species of birds are recorded in that area and their increase is estimated as the lakes are in an important migration passage. The place is ideal for the observation of the large predatory birds of the Idi Mountain (Psiloreitis). Some of the species are: bearded vulture, griffon vulture, golden eagle, peregrine falcon, common buzzard, common kestrel, hen harrier, grey heron, black-crowned night heron, gallinule, heron, tringa, stone-curlew, sternides. Some of the nested ones are: oenanthes, goldfinch, corn bunting.

In addition, the water turtle, Cretan frog, grass snake, Cretan badger, hedge, hare and many other species of the fauna can be also found in the area.

Regarding the flora, the vegetation includes mainly brushwood (between which many orchidaceae and endemic plants of Crete are grown) but also tree kinds as wild almond trees, wild olive trees, pine trees, cupressus trees, oak trees, locust trees, osier trees.