Kolokitha is one of the most beautiful beaches in Crete, with blue water and white sand, in the Spinaloga peninsula, opposite the small Kolokitha Island.

In order to visit it, you should follow the coastal, eastern road of Elounta, where the Venetian salt pans are, and reach the Spinaloga peninsula. Elounta is connected with the peninsula by a narrow road with sea water in its left and right. There is a small canal there built by French in 1897. The stone wind mills in the entrance of the peninsula are also amazing.

As you pass the peninsula vertically and after the dirt road, you leave your car in a place near the small Agios Loukas church. Many paths start from Agios Loukas that lead to the beach.

There are more isolated beaches in the north and south of Kolokitha. The beaches are as beautiful as Kolokitha and a good alternative choice when Kolokitha is very crowded.

There is a small beach in the north, near the Old Christian Basilica from the 5th-6th century, and the Vagi beaches are in the south. They are two small bays with sand, stones and tamarisks.