Kokkinos Pirgos

Kokkinos Pirgos

The coastal settlement of Kokkinos Pirgos is 67 kilometers from Heraclion and 2, 5 kilometers from Timpaki.

The area is very tourist. The visitor can stay in one of the many hotels and enjoy his/her food and coffee in the one of the many taverns and cafeterias of the village.

A small port for the fishermen of the area is also in Kokkinos Pirgos.


Two beaches are in the coastal settlement of Kokkinos Pirgos that are divided by the beautiful small port of the area.

The eastern beach, Kataliki, starts from the port and ends to the Kommos beach. It is an organized and sandy beach. The coastal road goes along the beach and many taverns and cafeterias are there. The water of the Geropotamos River ends up to Kataliki.

Another beach is in the west and it is very long. It is rocky, pebbly and not-organized.

Protected Caretta Caretta sea turtles have been in that area.


The name of the settlement comes from the red tower (i.e. kokkinos pirgos in Greek) that was in the village.


The Agios Ioannis church is in the settlement.