The beautiful and historical Agarathos Monastery is 380 meters above the sea level, in the south-western side of the Soros Panteli hillock of the Pediada district. Agarathos is about 32 kilometers from Heraclion. It is under the Sampas district of the Minoa Pediados municipality and 11 monks live in it, according to the 2011 census.

The Agarathos monastery is famous for its hospitality. There was a pitcher full of wine and water and a basket with bread, cheese and olives in the precinct of the monastery in order the visitor to eat and drink. The guest house of the monastery can also host many faithful.

The church (with two aisles) of the monastery is dedicated to Koimisi of Theotokos and Agios Minas.

It is said that the old icon of Panagia was found under an “agarathia” (a flowering plant) there and that is why the monastery was called in that way.

Agarathos is stated in records of the 16th century. It was built in 1894 on the ruins of an older church but the year of its foundation is not known. Agarathos is one of the oldest monasteries of Crete.

It played an important role during the Turkish Occupation.